Generation Gap - How to Reach the Younger Generation

Why is the younger generation important to your association?
• Future leaders of the organization.
• Bring a fresh perspective.
• New ideas.

1. Reach them once they receive their license/degree.

  • Offer a recent graduate or new to the industry membership type.
  • Promote Mentor/Apprenticeship Programs because entering the industry alone is tough, but as an association member you have a network of members at your disposal.
  • Partner with universities/trade schools, etc., attend career fairs, meet with school counselors/advisors.

2. Utilize modern forms of marketing.

Efficient and effective website

  • If your website is outdated, the viewer will be less likely to browse further than the homepage.
  • If it is difficult to navigate your website, viewers will give up and move on to a different website.
  • Social links on website shows that your organization is up to date with technology. Social media accounts are just another place fora prospective member to find more information about your association from. 
  • Email Blasts
  • Social Media promotions/advertisements
  • Giveaways
  • Digital Newsletters

 3. Plan enticing events, whether it be networking, charity or social events.

4. Build a strong social presence. Social Media is key. It is a great outlet for prospective members to reach out to you for more information or with a specific question.

Now that you know what to do when marketing membership to the younger generation, here’s how to do it. ADS can help by creating a strategy to reach this younger market.

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