AMCs Solve Global Expansion Puzzles

Associations Now |  July/August 2018 Issue | By: Christine Umbrell

Global Expansion

Want to expand your association’s horizons? An AMC can help your organization navigate into unexplored territory.

We are living in an interconnected world, with fewer barriers across borders and new opportunities to interact with people of different cultures. Because of this, many associations consider expansion into other countries.

“There’s an increasingly global mindset, and boundaries seem less fixed,” says Bob Lewis, managing partner at Interel, an AMC with an international headquarters in Brussels and branches throughout the world.

But before an association decides to proceed with international expansion, it’s important to analyze the risk and rewards of doing so. And during that analysis, associations may realize that working with an AMC in its international efforts may prove less risky than other options.

Choosing the Right Strategy
There are two paths to partnering with an AMC in global expansion. An association that is already managed by an AMC may simply expand the scope of work to include the international arena. Alternatively, a standalone association can contract with an AMC just for its overseas initiatives. Either way, an AMC can assist with the transition.

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