Tips to Successful Membership Retention

Retaining members is just as essential as gaining new ones, and may sometimes be overlooked. Gaining new members is important to keep the organization going, however, if your organization doesn’t give them a reason to want to stay, then the organization will crumble. Below are some tips how you can encourage members to stay committed and active in your organization for longer.

1. Keep Members Involved
• An uninterested member will most likely drop their membership. Keep members involved by encouraging them to attend events, help raise money, and keep them active in membership recruitment.

2. Recognize New Members
• If a member is recognized at meetings or online, it will make them feel noticed and important. People enjoy being recognized and acknowledged.

3. Stay Organized and Make Your Intentions Clear
• Make sure members know the organization’s purpose and its goals. Having an unorganized association will come off as unprofessional and members will not know if they identify with the organization.

4. Create Value
• Members join the organization because they want to be a part of something and help reach its goal, but they also want to gain something from it as well. Make sure your members are receiving some sort of value from the organization whether it be experiences, knowledge, or networking so they have a reason to want to stay.

5. Communication is Key
• Communication to members should be short, simple, and to the point. Above all else, it should also be relevant and timely.

6. Understand your Members
• Understand why each member joined and what they want to get out of membership. This also ties into the communication tip because it is important to know what type of communication they prefer to receive.

7. Gain Insight from Former Members
• Survey former members and discover why they left the organization. Gain feedback on what they enjoyed and what they disliked about how the association operated. This information can be extremely valuable and can be used to tweak certain areas and work towards retaining members.

8. Recruit the Right Type of Audience
• An ideal member will be one that wants what you offer and can identify with the organization’s purpose. These types of potential members will be most dedicated and will most likely be active in order to help the organization meet its goals.

9. Reward Longtime Members
• Ideas can be free upgraded services, certificates, extra bonuses, or discounted membership rates are all ways to encourage members to stay longer.

10. Be Reachable
• Make your organization easily accessible to members with questions or concerns. Having an exceptional customer service will make your organization more humanized.

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