The Power of Event Apps

It’s time to take your conference to the next level. Last year, about 86 percent of event planners used a mobile app at their events. No matter how small or large, any event can benefit from the use of an event app. It all depends on what the attendee wants and needs.


- Lessens or eliminates the need for printed materials – How many times have you had to give an attendee multiple copies of your registration booklet because they kept losing it?

- Instant updates – We’ve all been there when an outside event gets rained out and all attendees must be notified. With a conference app, there is no need to fret, an update can be sent to all attendees alerting them to this change.

- Attendees can submit feedback – Want to find out what people thought of your presentation? Set up a survey and find out!

- Individual schedules – An attendee can personalize their schedule to only events they will be attending.

- Attendee Networking – What’s an event without networking? Each attendee has a profile with their contact information, i.e. email address, phone number, LinkedIn page, company website, etc. Relationships can now continue seamlessly after the event.

- Increase value of sponsorship – Let’s face it, the more a sponsor sees their logo the better. A happy sponsor is one of the most important parts of an event.



1. Attendify

2. CrowdCompass



3. Guidebook

4. Eventmobi


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Author: Brittni Rhoads

Marketing & Operations Manager

Association Development Services