How to Engage Your Members

Having members engaged is the glue to your association. The organization needs members to be active and participate in events or meetings. Having members engaged will, in turn, make your association more attractive to prospective members, but will increase revenue from events and become more successful in general.

1. Start a Blog
• People can interact about issues
• Share their opinions and experts can give their advice

2. Showcase a Member
• Start a “Member of the Month” program
• Members can nominate each other
• Display it on a homepage

3. Upload Weekly Webinars
• Post news in the industry
• Keep members educated if they can’t attend events

4. Create Exciting and Informative Events for Members
• Plan events that members will want to attend
• Some can be informative and others can be more fun and exciting

5. Ask for Feedback
• After events give members a chance to give you their opinions
• See if there are any areas that can be improved upon

6. Offer Incentives
• Offer special offers to those members who are first to register for an event
• Members will be active if they know it will also benefit them in some way

7. Remind Members of the Benefits
• What were the reasons they joined in the first place?
• What do they want to get out of being a member of the association?

8. Social Media
• Promote events and upload content
• Can allow for discussion between members and anyone who follows you

9. Involve members with Recruiting
• Allow members to have a say and help bring in new members
• Encourage members to get the word out and introduce their connections to the association

10. Check-In with Members
• Deliver monthly calls to the members to figure out their goals and see how their businesses are doing.
• Creates trust and can deliver feedback
• Ask for volunteering or to get involved in some way at an event (keynote speaker)

These are just some ideas to help your association gain more interaction with members. Small changes can lead to big results. ADS can guide your association into the right direction and implement these strategies for an increase in member engagement.